Tuesday, February 14, 2017

What; a year? (What a Year!)

Yes, yes - I know - I've been busy. In the year that I've been away, I've...

  • Changed out reel mower and utility vehicle fleets
  • Changed out the reel and bedknife grinders for SIP machines
  • Implemented new cutting unit maintenance standards and procedures
  • Updated waste oil handling equipment and procedures
  • Replaced portible fuel cans and storage cabinets
  • Authored and implemented our new GCM employee training program
  • Went through a major renovation of the Highlands course
  • Set up a shop safety center with lock out / tag out and emergency eyewash station
  • Purged over 50% of old parts inventory and negotiated penalty free credit from distributor
  • Purchased a Mazdaspeed Miata, sold the TR6, started playing with the Miata
  • Renovated the maintenance shop with new paint, flooring, and benches
  • Updated shop tools and tool storage cabinets 
  • Installed a vertical mill and lathe in the shop
  • Hosted the GGCSA annual Equipment Managers Seminar
  • Implemented new 2-stroke equipment storage and handling procedures
  • Spent quite a few hours on conference calls with the test writing team at GCSAA 
  • Went to yet another Golf Industry Show in Orlando
 ... along with the standard equipment repairs and maintenance. I'll post some follow-ups to expand on the above soon.


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