Saturday, January 9, 2016

Happy New Year 2016

Moving into the new year, we have committed to several lines of improvement at the Atlanta Athletic Club and I am excited to get through the winter and get things moving!

We have re-written our Technician Job Descriptions at the AAC to include (among other things) the requirement of completing the GCSAA Certificate Program for equipment technicians (originally developed by the IGCEMA and adopted by the GCSAA) within one year of signing. This requirement is designed to compel personal and professional growth, and to ensure our technicians have the knowledge base needed to be effective on the shop floor. AAC is providing all the study guides and testing costs, and also providing 1-1/2 hours of paid study time each week (an extra 1/2 hour lunch three days each week). Any technician not completing all six certificates within one year will no longer meet the employment requirements of AAC and will need to resign. We already had one technician resign who said his level of dedication to this industry didn't justify the effort; he's going back into the construction industry where he started and I wish him well.

I encourage every technician to complete the program in order to prove your technical ability and to show your dedication to professional development. You might even learn a thing or two, which is never bad. I have so far completed Engines, Drivelines, and Hydraulics, and I am set to take the Sprayers test next week. After that I will need to take the Cutting Units and Electrical tests and I will be done.

I have begun the process of developing the AAC operator training program, and have a good outline of the program and  the boiler plate operation instructions for all equipment types finished. We will begin reviewing the plan in our weekly management meetings, I will add items or make changes as needed, and then we will be rolling out the plan in March of this year.

I have also begun the process of  organizing the parts inventory and small engine equipment storage areas, and indexing parts in the inventory file. We will begin receiving our new turf equipment in March, so I want to have as much of this groundwork done ahead of time.

I have found that having two or three projects going at the same time suits me, as I can bounce between the projects as I get tired and it keeps my perspective fresh.

This is my new official photo for the AAC directory. I will be at the Golf Industry Show in San Diego February 9-12, so if you see me please say hello - I'm always up for conversation!