Wednesday, February 15, 2017

February 2017 Shop Photos

Here's "my" corner of the shop with the new mill and lathe, and my toolbox. We painted the walls bright white semi-gloss and installed the Armorpoxy Supratile floor tiles. Still waiting for the electrician to hook up the new machines, but I did get the mill trammed in.

I have a list of jobs ready for each of these. The mill is going to see plenty of bedknife shoes and other bits, and the lathe is going to spin all my rollers true.

The 3500 square feet of floor tiles took five of us a weekend to install. Cost was $15,000 - $5000 less than my best epoxy quote. The building is 53 years old and there was no vapor barrier used when the floor was poured. All of my epoxy quotes included an additional sealer step to ensure adhesion. The only prep needed for tile installation was a good sweeping.

Safety Center with new Eyewash Station.

New Lista benches are great for shop tool and supply storage. The left bench will have all of our two-stroke parts, supplies, and specialty tools. Doors were painted John Deere green, and the green and yellow theme fits this shop well.


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