Sunday, May 4, 2014

Ready to Rock

It's hard to believe that our "Maintenance 2" facility (M2) has been closed for over 10 years. The original developer deferred cleanup of arsenic contamination to the new owners, as nobody wanted to expend the effort or expense to clean up the soil contamination properly. The cleanup effort took several years working with government authorities and local environmental groups.

The original design of the layout was for two 36 hole facilities but we have been running golf maintenance out of one facility for many years.

The photo at top is of our new Peerless 7000 reel grinder and Ideal 6000 bed knife grinder which have just been installed and calibrated. I use and recommend Peerless and Ideal grinders because they simply blow the competition away. Nobody else can come close to the speed and accuracy of these grinders. In fact, we have been maintaining over 160 cutting units for 72 holes of golf, with one set of grinders, for over four years with no issues.

Being able to maintain two smaller fleets of equipment is going to be very beneficial to the property in terms of efficiency. We are already seeing the benefits of efficiency by running the crews for two golf courses out of this facility. Eventually each facility will be staffed with three technicians, and I will "float" between the facilities as needed.