Friday, March 2, 2018

What a Relief!

I wound up having a great month of February, starting with an excellent visit to San Antonio, TX for the Golf Industry Show and Education Conference. It was my first time in San Antonio (as an adult - I vaguely remember a stop at The Alamo when I was a small boy) and the conference center there is beautiful, but the trade show area was cramped and the floor plan seemed jumbled - it was hard to get a feel of the layout. I had the honor of moderating a discussion panel which featured presentations on Tier IV emissions technology and lubricant technology, and I also gave a presentation on the show floor about implementing computer based fleet management. I will be repeating the presentation on the 21st of this month as a webinar on the GCSAA website, so go register if you would like to check it out.

We had another early green-up here in Atlanta in February, so another early first todressing on the greens, and other related spring activities. I was finally able to get another video done, this time on relief grinding on the Peerless 7000. The video wound up being longer than I like at around 47 minutes, but hopefully it will help folks understand the importance of relief grinding to the operation overall, and get an idea of how easy it is to do with a Peerless.

When I first started in this business back in 1993, and for some years after, I was of the opinion that relief grinding didn't matter, because "the front side of the reel blade does the work - who cares how thick it is?". Then I had the chance to compare a fresh reel compared to one with no relief and track bedknife wear - it was obvious. Then I added hard bedknives to the mix and my grinding frequency dropped  dramatically. I am now grinding half as often as before.


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