Thursday, January 11, 2018

My Habu

From Wikipedia:

Habu (波布) is a Japanese name used to refer to certain venomous snakes. So; a small, Japanese Viper...

Flyin' Miata, in Palisade, CO is arguably the world's foremost authority in Miata performance, and has developed the Habu V-8 conversion to a high level. In March of last year, I dropped off my '05 Mazdaspeed for the conversion. Their build diary can be found here. Mine is the 34th conversion that they have done, and they have all the details dialed in to the max - I couldn't have done a better job with the car if I had all the time in the world (or the space to do it)!

The build diary was cut short because they were thrashing to get the car ready for me to pick up at their annual Summer Camp event in August. I was able to pick up the car and take it onto the track immediately. What a blast! The ride home was great, too, as I had them install a factory cruise control (not available on Mazdaspeeds) and the .5:1 overdrive lets it lope along on the highway. 

That is the transponder sticking out of the grille - I managed 11th fastest out of 56 - not too bad for the first day in the car on an unfamiliar track!

Since I've been home I have taken Habu to two track events at Atlanta Motorsports Park and look forward to more this season.

I must admit, the desire to devour Mustangs on the street is high, but I just think about my track days and the feeling subsides.


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